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Maitenance & Support   www.wowza.com/products/maintenance-support
Support   For email support requests, be sure to provide the following information with your request to support@wowza.com. This information can be found in the Wowza Streaming Engine™ Manager by clicking on "About" in the Server pane.
• Wowza Streaming Engine version and build number
• Last four digits of license key
• Platform, operating system, and Java version on which Wowza Streaming Engine is running
• Detailed problem description that includes:
    • URL of tutorial or instructions being used
    • Player technology being used (Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, iOS device, set-top box, etc.)
• Live encoder/IP camera manufacturer/version and exact encoding settings (live streaming only)
Send a compressed (zipped) folder that includes the [install-dir]/logs, [install-dir]/conf, [install-dir]/transcoder and [install-dir]/manager/logs folders from your Wowza Streaming Engine installation. See How to create a compressed zip file in Windows, Mac OS and Linux for instructions to create a zip file.
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